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Multipremiada  internacionalmente  Cynthia  Ha  recibido  el  BMI  Award  for  Young Composers NY, un MTV Award Short Film, el Primer Lugar en tres ocasiones en el Concurso Nacional de Arpa Celta de EUA, el Primer Lugar en el Festival Lichtrouten de  Alemania,  dos  premios  de  Jóvenes  Creadores,  uno  de  Proyectos  del Fonca‐Conaculta  y  un  premio  del  Internacional  Jazz  Harp  Festival  EUA,  entre muchos otros.  
Ha  grabado  más  de  10  Cd's  y  ha  participado  en  Festivales  y  conciertos  en Alemania,  Irlanda,  Francia,  Inglaterra,  España,  Suiza,  Venezuela,  Puerto  Rico, Estados Unidos y la República Mexicana. Con Maestría en Composición de CalArts USA y Diplomados en Sanacion a través de Cristales de Cuarzo y Obsidiana, Cynthia incursiona  en  el  campo  de  la  Medicina  Cuántica  Vibracional,  tocando  la  primer Arpa Acuática Metálica de

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About Cynthia Valenzuela

World Music

Cynthia Valenzuela

Cynthia started her music journey when she was a child learning classical piano. At age 17 she gave a recital at Sala Chopin Mexico City performing superbly the works of Paderewsky's Minuet in G and Gershwing’s Promenade. As a teenager she started classical Harp at the National Conservatory of Music of Mexico. She was given full scholarship for singing as soprano at the Conservatory Choir and performed at the most important theatres singing by memory Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, Bethoveen's 9th Symphony and Stravinski's Salms. She also composed and directed her first chamber music pieces which contributed to being accepted at The University of Texas at Austin at the Composition and Harp Program with full scholarship for playing at the audition the music of Debbussy on piano as well as on harp. She was the youngest harpist to perform the full program at the historical concert of 70 harpists playing simoultaneously at Salzedo's Festival at the Performing Arts Center of UT. She then moved to CalArts - California Institute of the Arts - to study with Mel Powell -former Director of Princeton University-,Leonard Stein -editor of Schoenmberg- and Susan Allen, the Contemporary Harp virtuoso. She recorded during that time two albums of Irish Music with the group The Keltones with whom she performed extensively throughout the United States. By age 24 she had won the prestigeous New York BMI Award for Young Composers, the SESAC Composition Award at the Society of Composers Inc. The First Prize - for three consecutive years - at the Grand National Irish Fair Harp Competition , Second Prize at the National Jazz Harp Festival and an MTV Award Short Film for writting the music of the best short film 1990 by Eric Darnell. Cynthia received the Master's Degree in Music Composition from Cal Arts, having many of her works performed at different Composer's Forums and performing on the harp the works of Ravel and Debussy as well as a whole array of contemporary music and interdiciplinary extra-ordinary projects. She was asked to record with EMI Records of New York The Album Vermillion Sea and the CD The Versatile Celtic Harp by WoldSong Records. In Mexico City she recorded 4 more albums under Urtext Digital Classics, distributed worldwide from which two are of renaissance music rercorded at the Cathedral of Puebla, one CD of Celtic Harp/Arpa Celta,-with a historical record of the longest irish jigs and reels set, played nonstop for half an hour- , and one CD Album of her original music Arpa Selva. Cynthia was invited to perform at the Extraordinary Concert Series at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Mexico City and performed extensively with her Celtic Music Ensamble Keltica. She formed and directed The Magic of the Celts - a spectacle of celtic music and dance- and they were invited to perform at the top prestigious Theatre in Mexico City : The National Fine Arts Palace. She toured with that show at important festivals and theatres , alternating in the summers as a permanent staff member and Harp Teacher at Lark World Music and Dance Camp in California. Valenzuela’s work has been endorsed by at least 10 different Foundations from United States and Mexico, Includying three Awards for Young Composers and Composers with an artistic Carreer from The Fine Arts Palace and the National Fund for the Arts of Mexico,FONCA-CONACULTA. Besides performing and composing Cynthia has been a key person in the building and improving harps with new technologies , such as co-creating the First Acuatic Harp in the World and the Record Guinnes The Biggest Harp in the World co-created by Juan Manuel Gonzalez Vera.The World Premier of the live performance on this huge harp took place in the state of Durango, Mexico. From there, a proposal to compose the music for the grand openning at the LichtRouten Festival in Lüdenscheid Germany opened the doors to introduce her work and the new instruments to the old world. At that lightning Festival, the team of five artists from Mexico won the First Prize for the Best Sound and Light Installation of the Year . As Cynthia has always been atracted and dedicated to divulge celtic culture throughout her life, this time she introduced the First Metal Harp doing a pilgrimage to Sacred Celtic Sites and historical monuments of Europe, taking three new recordings on that journey: Celestial Sound with the metal harp- strung with silver strings- and a couple of CD albums of meditation mantras with original music, under her own label Harp Spirit Records. She brought harp music and chants to places such as: Stone Henge, The Tor of Avalon,and Salisbury Cathedral in England; New Grange, Oneill's Castle,The Irish Harp Center and Drogheda Cathedral in Ireland; Carnac Stone Alignments, Merlin's Forest of Broceliande, and Chartres Cathedral in France; The Musicosophy Society in St Peter, Germany; and to the Cathedral of Santiago Compostela in Spain. Another venue Cynthia has explored throughout her life is the Art of Healing , so she has studied several years the transformation people can have through singing in sacred languages such as Sanskrit, Gurmukhi, Tibetan, Hebrew and Nahuatl, among others, So she started a collection of CD recordings called Cantos Mágicos/Magical Chants, where mantras,mudras and meditation music have a special intention for harmonizing and creating awakened states of conciousness. Cynthia is as well a teacher of Circular Dances of the World, dancing and playing in world music and dance ensambles, giving workshops at the most idyllic places in temples,forests, alternative communities, ecological villages and so on. She combines music with crystal healing, using the method of the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts of Hawaii, and holds a Master title in healing with diverse geometries of Obsidian, giving conferences at the International Society of Obsidian Terapists SITO. On this same venue, for about four years during the winter, she lives in a sailing boat with her husband, on the pacific coast of Mexico, taking groups to have contact with dolphins and whales singing and performing on the acuatic harp at the sunset meditation and giving healing music concerts. Cynthia has been recognized and iniciated by diferent spiritual leaders of the world for her peace making actions, includying representatives of the Celtic,Tibetan, Indian, and Native American traditions. For more information about a detailed biography, discography and press releases [email protected] www.cynthiavalenzuela.com, tels (52)045.(2288).58.86.97, 01.(2288).16.73.03