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It's there! My new cd (Club del Disco), Cuentos de lo profundo...
From February on it will be available at the Club del disco and later on Spotify, IMusic, Amazon etc.

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Jazz Crossover Film Soundtracks

Frido ter Beek (De Bilt, 1961) is a Dutch saxophonist who lives in Buenos Aires. He studied classical saxophone at the Conservatory of Utrecht with Ed Bogaard, Andre Hemmers and Iwan Roth. In 1987 he graduated as a teacher and as a performer in 1988 and then decided to study jazz with Ferdinand Povel at the former Hilversum Conservatory (now Conservatory of Amsterdam).
In September 2015 he moved from Utrecht to Buenos Aires but continues to participate in various projects in the Netherlands (the Koh-I-Noor Saxophone Quartet, Film Orchestra The Sprockets and Silent Live).

In Buenos Aires, Frido formed a jazz quartet (in 2017 el Club de Disco released his first cd, entitled 'Entonces que?') and participated in the Roseti Project (also in 2017 their first cd, 'Deshacer' was released). He is the saxophonist in the Julian Solarz Grupo, the Sophie Lüssi Quintet, a project called 'Monk Etc.', dedicated to the music of Monk, Mingus and Ornette Coleman and in e new Project, consisting of only wind instruments, 'Sin Palabras'. Like the Sprockets, this ensemble performs music with film.
Frido plays regularly with well known Buenos Aires based musicians like Alvaro Torres, Ernesto Snajer, Rodrigo Dominguez and Pepi Taveira and with Jazz orchestras such as the CCK Big Orchestra, conducted by Mariano Loiacono. He appeared already two years in a row on the International BA Jazz festival as a soloist.
Frido also combines music and live electronics with image in a solo performance.

In Buenos Aires he has private students and gives workshops and masterclasses. Once a month he travels to Montevideo where he also gives saxophone and improvisation lessons. In 2018 Frido started working as a teacher of the jazz department of the EMPA, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.
In Europe Frido has played with several artists, theater companies and orchestras, including the Orchestra de Volharding, Ensemble Klang, Clazz Ensemble, the Ereprijs, Dutch Jazz Orchestra, Independance, the Paardenkathedraal, Speeltheater Gent, Toneelschap B & D, Tamar, Jeugdtheatergroep Sonnevanck Harry Sacksioni, Stef Bos, Patrick Rugebregt Quartet, New Standard Trio, One Armed Octopus, Simply Jazz and played lead alto sax in the Charli Green Big Band.
In the Netherlands, Frido conducted three Big Bands and participated as a teacher of saxophone in various educational projects.

Composition has been getting more and more important over the years. Frido wrote several works for saxophone quartet Koh-I-Noor. He also wrote, among other things for the Sirius Saxophone Quartet, Clazz Ensemble (small Bigband), Duo Cabezaz-Bavio (marimba and saxophone/flute) Duo Imaginaire (clarinet and harp), Duo Koleva-van Otterloo (marimba and saxophone), Duo Beumer-Ham (piano and saxophone), Company Canton Cuypers (saxophone and harp), as well as for various mixed ensembles.
Frido recorded two cd's as a soloist:
'Ahuila Maguilé' (2003) and Entonces que? (2017). A third cd consisting of music composed by Frido, entitled 'Deshacer' was also released last year.
He also wrote music for Cinema. A movie by Louis Gasteren (composed and recorded by himself), for film Orchestra the Sprockets and for Murnau’s ‘Tabu’ (commissioned by the Arka Symphony Orchestra). This music made Frido finalist in the composers contest of the Rimusicazioni Film Festival 2016 (Bolzano, Italy). In 2017 Frido wrote two hours of music for a documentary from 1928 about the Olympic wintergames in St. Moritz, which has been released on dvd and blu-ray by Criterion in december 2017.
He also wrote a new score for the Sprockets which was performed live in April and August 2019 in Offenbach and Berlin with the 1926 German comedy Eine tolle Nacht. There also was a dvd recording of this work for Arte TV.
The compositions of Frido ter Beek can not be pigeonholed in one style, he uses a variety of sources and influences and creates his own musical language.


Koh-I-Noor Saxophone Quartet - Lucubraciones (1997, KIN)
Koh-I-Noor Saxophone Quartet - Saxophone Quartets from the Netherlands (2001, NM classics)
Koh-I-Noor Saxophone Quartet - November Music 2003 (2003, November Music Prod.)
Koh-I-Noor Saxophone Quartet - Horrel (2004, KIN)

Stef Bos - Zien (1998, HKM)
Stef Bos - Van Mpumalanga to die Kaap (2001, HKM)
Stef Bos - Donker en Licht (2003, HKM)
Stef Bos - Storm (2007, Niemandsland) (cd+dvd)
Stef Bos - Kloofstraat (2010, Niemandsland)
Stef Bos - Minder meer (2011, Niemandsland)

Orkest de Ereprijs - St. Louis Blues (1995, Donemus)
Real Time Orchestra - Real Time (1995, KNF)
Frido ter Beek - Ahuila Maguile (2003, Alfajor)
New Standard Trio - Footsteps (2003, NSR)
Francis Wildemeersch - La Historia de Tiempo (2007, Coast to Coast)
Orkest de Volharding - The Minimalists (2009, Mode)
Elixxir - Another View (2011, Tone de Cologne)
Fernando Lameirinhas - Eterno (2011, Coast to Coast)
Gene Veldhuizen - Have here or take away? (2016, Indie)
Cuarteto Frido ter Beek - Entonces que? (2017, Club del disco)
Roseti Project - Deshacer (2017, Noseso records)
Julian Solarz Grupo - La palabra no dicha (2018, Club del disco)
Sophie Lüssi Quiteto - Altas Horas (2019, Club del disco)