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Linda Briceno Jan 5, 2014

Musical Performer
At only 24 Linda already owns an impressive list of achievements that would
normally take any artist many years to accomplish: trumpet player, singer, Big
Band Director and composer. Renowned musician and Jazz at Lincoln Center
Musical Director, Wynton Marsalis expresses his awe on Linda when he says: “
She possesses an excellent awareness of time, rhythm and a great sound, but
above all she has a deep understanding of musical concepts and ideas. There is a
weight in her sound, weight, weight. This you either have it or you don’t and it is
very unusual for such a young person to have it the way she does”.
Notwithstanding, Linda’s talent goes beyond her professional career as a musician
and projects her to a social leadership role. In 2012 the World Economic Forum
embraces Linda as a Young Global Shaper in recognition of her efforts as a
musician and entrepreneur in developing empowerment strategies for young
artists, especially musicians, to assert their rights as creative individuals and also
as a collective in Latin America.
At 10 years of age, Linda participated in her first musical studio production by the
now extinct label “Latin World” entitled “Tocando Tierra”. In it, she shared the
studio with the likes of: Alex Acuña, Paquito D’Rivera, Armando Manzanero, Bela
Fleck, Don Grusin, Abraham Laboriel, Ary Barroso, Pedro Esutache and Roger
Nichols among others, she being the youngest artist in the recording.
In 2010 and 2011 she was invited several times to participate as a soloist of The
Miami Symphony Orchestra and Simón Bolívar Orchestra. Recently, in 2012, she
made a special guest appearance with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra under
the direction of Wynton Marsalis, thus becoming the first Venezuela woman to
perform with this famous orchestra.
Linda founded, together with his father (who is also jazz musician and director), the
“Simón Bolívar Big Band” which has toured the United States and has become by
now one of the leading youth jazz ensembles in the world.
Additionally, she has become the youngest teacher and musical director in “Simón
Bolívar’s Conservatory” in Caracas responsibilities, which she shares, with a busy
Schedule as a private trumpet instructor.
In 2013 She perform for THE GRAN PRIX FORMULA 1 for the Kindom oh Bahrain
as a Soloist.
Also receive an special scholarship in The New School of Music in New York City.

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