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Influenced by the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Nirvana, and Skunk Anansie, Mama Pool was founded by pianist and keyboard player Gilles Estoppey in 2014.
Though formally trained as a jazz musician, Estoppey grew up listening to the Beatles and Eric Clapton until he stumbled upon the world of punk rock as a teenager. He remains true to his roots and influences today.
The melodies and lyrics he writes exude a true nostalgic vibe of the 90’s as you hear stories about living in a rainy Amsterdam, running away from love, running away from home, singularity being nearer than we think, and sometimes, letting loose and finding refuge in good old rock’n’roll.
The band’s recently released EP Turn! comes after a critically-acclaimed debut album published in 2016.
This more recent material is assertive and powerful with ravenous guitar riffs coming out of a 1970’s Fender Rhodes played by Estoppey, Johanna Zohler’s rugged powerful vocals and a fiery Pau Zañartu on drums whose style finds roots in Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham. The band’s sound is neatly brought together by Miguel Arce’s thick and rooted bass line.
Over the last few years, the band have made a name for themselves in their hometown of Barcelona where they’ve performed at renowned venues such as Jamboree, Artte and Soda. They’ve also taken part in the Fabrica Fest in the Canary Islands where they caught the attention of the local radio and press.
The future looks bright for the band who’s actively contributing to the rock scene in Barcelona, especially given the fact that their lyrics are in English, a rarity in Spain.

one more thing:

Johanna Zohler, vocals
Gilles Estoppey, keyboards
Miguel Arce, bass
Pau Zañartu, drums