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I was standing on the stone patio, looking at the terraced garden of an old Italian palace. I'd just realized I was going to record my second album.

The next thing I did was to call Hilly Boimel. I told her I wouldn't let any outsider touch it- this production was too way too personal. Will she do it with me? She hesitated. She knew I'd be a pain in the a**.

The building had long been reincarnated as a research center, where I was working as a brain scientist. I loved to take my coffee up to the top terrace and look at the mountains.

That place had turned my life upside down, threw me off course. I like to think of it as my mid-life womb. It inspired me to be brave.

It's all there, in the lyric and sounds of my upcoming album. I've been exploring the unpredictable landscapes of emotion, stretching beyond borders and across time.

Music is like that, stretching beyond any specific context, don't you think? It echos the universal human experience of the heart.

A wise friend once told me, "you're just gonna have to feel all the feelings". This is the only way I wish to make music.

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Talia is a musician and a neuroscientist* based in Tel Aviv, currently creating her second independent album. Her first album was released in 2014, fruit of collaboration with Eli Soorani (music producer) and Moshe Levy (artistic director). The new upcoming album was written in a small town in northern Italy, where Talia found herself living for last four years, through what she describes the most transforming journey of her life yet. Back in Tel Aviv, she now begins putting the pieces together, weaving turmoil and insight into sound. Listen to Talia's first album at https://taliabrandman.bandcamp.com

* To scientific web page: http://science.taliabrandman.com