Bataclana Quintet

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About Bataclana Quintet

Jazz Klassik Weltmusik

Five young musicians from around the world with solid classical background, founded BATACLANA QUINTET.

The young members of the group united through music and developed an interest in Ástor Piazzolla’s music, specialising themselves in tango nuevo and further more genres.
Becoming winners of Fidelio Competition 2016, winning the HFP Steuerberater Prize, Bataclana Quintet’s road opened new horizons.
Their exquisite style, that combines itself with all the multicultural personalities of the group’s members, creates a unique sound and ambiance.


Titel Komponist
Réssureccion del Ángel Astor Piazzola
Escualo Astor Piazzola
Concierto para quinteto Astor Piazzola
Suite latino-americaine Daniel Capelletti
Passage à 5 Frederic Devreese
9 miniaturas Ramiro Gallo
Silfo y Ondina 'Tangata' Suite Astor Piazzolla