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  1. The Angel Cried Out - The Angel in the Flesh 03:28
  2. Lord, Now Lettest Thou (Lord, We Let You Now) 03:36
  3. To Thee We Sing (To You We Sing) 03:09
  4. The Good Thief - The Wise Thief 01:56
  5. God is With Us 02:35
  6. To Thy Cross (To Your Cross) 03:07
  7. Bless the Lord, o my Soul 03:49
  8. My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord 04:10
  9. Of Thy Mystical Supper 03:41
  10. To Thee We Sing (To You We Sing) 02:09
  11. Nativity of Jesus Christ Troparion 02:31
  12. Along the Street Snowstorm Sweeps (Down the Street Blizzard Sweeps) 03:10
  13. There Rushes the Mail Coach 05:24
  14. The Song of Volga Boatman (Ei Uhnem) 02:56
  15. Steppe, and Steppe Around (Steppe All Around) 06:21
  16. The Lonely Coach Bell Rings 03:33
  17. In the Dark Forest 02:02
  18. Early in the Morning 04:09
  19. Peddlers 03:19
  20. Evening Bell 03:34
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Tenor (Voice)
Classical 03:41 vor 8 Jahre(n)8j
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Tenor (Voice)
Classical 02:09 vor 8 Jahre(n)8j
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Tenor (Voice)
Classical 04:10 vor 8 Jahre(n)8j
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Tenor (Voice)
Classical 03:10 vor 8 Jahre(n)8j
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Tenor (Voice)
Classical 02:31 vor 8 Jahre(n)8j
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Dear Friends!
I am happy to announce the release of my new CD "Recollection". The CD includes a very special and important program for me, the music I grew up with and which stays always in my heart. It is: Russian sacred and folk music. This music is nearly not known in the world and also really performed in Russia, but that are masterpieces of the World musical heritage!
I together with the Choir of Viktor Popov Academy of Choral arts - my Alma Mater, where I studied since i was 7 years old - we tried to reflect the beauty and deep inner meaning of this wonderful music.

Very talented and professional journalist, a friend of mine - Andrey Molotov Jr. - wrote a wonderful and very interesting article for the CD booklet, covering history and main points of interest of the program recorded.

I am happy to be able to share with you my passion to this music and to show with this that music is universal language and a very important mean of uniting people of different nationalities, religions and political views all over the world!

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