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She performed Koto every year since 2009 for the Festival der Nations. Koto performance for Festival der Nations, on June 19th, Sunday, 2016 at Heeresgeschichtliches Museum ​, Arsenal Objekt 1, 1030 Wien, Austria

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Her introduction to the Koto took place in the family as her mother studied and played Koto. Masami was with her mother at those occasions from a very early age on. She started taking piano lessons around the same time, at age 5. Her major in high school was music, which became a passion for her. Masami pursed art and design education in Japan and later in the USA, where also her Koto studies started in earnest. She attended the well-known Sawai Tadao Koto academy in New York City.

As a Koto performer she played on both sides of the Atlantic, among others in New York, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia in the USA, and in Vienna, Linz, Graz in Austria, as well as in Verona, Italy. She accompanied the world famous contemporary Koto artist, Kazue Sawai in her North American tour. She performed in the opening show at Shae Stadium for the New York Mets, and also at the award celebration of director Sofia Coppola for her movie hit “Lost in Translation” at Yale University. Her list of charity performances includes the 9/11 Firemen and Families event and the Food for Wheels fundraiser in New York, as well as the concerts held at the Vienna Hofburg and at the Ehrbarsaal in the Prayner Konservatorium with the Vienna Philharmonic for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and also the Vienna Redcross Ball in Vienna City Hall. Most recently she had a concert with the Vienna Boys Choir in the Muth theater. She held several Koto-workshops, among others in the Japanese School and the Lycée Francais in Vienna.

In addition to her musical career, she is certified as a professor of calligraphy, fifth degree by the Educational Calligraphy Association of Japan.
She earned a black belt in Karate while in New York.