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Playing with an iPad.
Last couple of years I was frequently thinking about getting an iPad as an alternative for the music stand.
In this November I finally got it, together with a stand and a pedal.

From now on, officially, I have to declare that it's much better then a standart music stand,
1- it doesn't cover you from the audience at all, it's a small screen, yet clear enough to see the score well.
2- page turning with a special pedal is a great thing, it took me 1 performance to completely get used to it. It even has lights on it, in case you are performing in the darkness.
3- you don't depend on loosing your scores in a trip.
4- you can easily take pics of the score, and it'll be automatically transformed into an e-score, where you can make and erase any notes, writing with your finger like with a pencil.

Don't worry about the battery of a pedal- it's two simple AA batteries and they last for a long time.
To get a holder I would also advice to buy a simple music stand, take off a scores holder, and get an adjustable holder for an iPad (avilable in any music shops or online) and just install it on the stand.

Yes, it is very nice to hold a nice score in hands, but I believe all artists should choose the way they perform at their best, and iPad might help well for that.

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Dear friends, from now on I'll write my monthly blog and also in a month I'll start to upload my LIVE performances to iTunes, 1 track every month, available for download! Stay tuned!

Why did I decide to organize a concert series?

I have been asked frequently why I wanted to do it. The concert calendar in Vienna is already filled to the brim, I am only 23, and, besides, I have very much keeping me quite busy with my own career…

But the experience of organizing a series has proven invaluable in so many respects.

First, simply to understand how to build a concert from the inside-out has taught me so much about my industry and how to move forward within it. With only a modest budget, we managed to organize 13 evenings in the Bank Austria Salon, with two concerts each night, also showcasing art exhibitions and collaborative performance art during the music.

I had a fantastic lineup of artists throughout the season. And as an artist, I also understand how demanding we artists can be, and how hard the work of an artistic director is. But even with a team of wonderful colleagues, it can be challenging to account for the unique needs of each individual performer.

My biggest lesson from all this is that the simpler and easier you are to work with, the more others will want to work with you. This is what our colleagues and artistic organizers appreciate.

But I did not organize this series only to learn how to improve my career. It represents an artistic mission, as well.

The music scene in Vienna remains outdated. The big halls rotate through only a small roster of blue-chip artists, and the programs are still quite conservative and repetitive. People come to concerts, sit, snore, sneeze, cough, have a hurried and overpriced drink in a hurry in the intermission, leave immediately after it ends, and then repeat the ritual.

I am inspired to create a new and innovative concept.

Not only will our concertgoers experience great and profound music-making, but they will experience it in a wholly different context. Our concerts are social occasions, where people come together to spend time with each other along with the music itself. So the intermission is longer, and the hall and reception remain open after the main concert has ended, transforming into a lounge. With a more intimate and relaxed jazz or pop concert, people can continue socializing together over refreshments and more music, long after a traditional hall would have kicked them out into separate groups and forced them to find another way to continue their Friday night. And this makes the evening more accessible to those who are not experienced classical music concertgoers, as well.

In the end, we listen to great music because we want to, not because we have to. Not because some huge and expensive PR campaign told us to get excited about an average performer, not because all your friends and neighbors are going, and not because you have to show up to the benediction.

And that is why I have organized Friday Nights with Yury Revich.

We are looking for new cooperations and partners, and I hope to welcome you in our 2016 season!
THANK YOU TO OUR TEAM, which made it possible:
Krystian Nowakowsky (NO-TE)
Mia Papaethimiou (Artistic Curator)
Natalie Neubauer (Event Organizer)
Maximilian Brunner (Photography)
Arabella Fenyves (Moderation)
Oleg Dergilev (Audio Recording)
Jutta Schimanko (Public Relations)
Wolfgang Lamprecht
Bank Austria Salon

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Write to [email protected] to be the first to be informed of when Yury's disc "Steps through the Centuries" is available!

Some of the debutes of the coming Season
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Cadogan Hall in London, Atheneum in Bucharest, Hamburg Laeiszhalle, Teatro Ponchielli Cremona, etc
Tours through Europe, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Mexico

-Glad to announce, that my Romberg CD on Sony Classical is nominated for the International Classical Music Awards 2014 in the category "Best Collection".

The new Romberg Sonatas album:

-article about my concert in Sondrio with Piotr Koscik.


-Check out the new video for my Andreas Romberg Violin Sonatas Album for Sony Classical :)


Buy here:


video by Martin Teschner and NO-TE

-wdr3 Portrait


new photoshooting by Kay Mori fashion blog

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Dear friends,
finally being on vacation, I would like to spend some time and tell you about some new things which happend recently and are going to happen.
in last year I recorded 6 albums, which include
Russian Soul for ARS
Romberg Concerto for violin and orchestra no.3 and Solo violin sonata no.3 for Sony
Romberg Solo violin sonatas for Sony
Anton Garcia Abril Album, on which I perform his Fanatasy for violin and piano.
and two more exciting Albums to be released in Autumn
with a wonderful pianist Donka Angatscheva, presenting Mozart G-dur sonata, Magic Flute Fantasy by Sarasate on the Mozart themes and other pieces.
and Steps Through The Centuries for Odradek Records,
the cd with special guests lika Alejandro Pico-Leonis, Olga Filippova, Bibana Nwobilo.
This is the album which is mixing styles, times, genres.
It shows violin as a multifunctional instrument, with combination with piano, cembalo and voice, then performing actual opera fantasies and schubert songs, and going straight to the contermporary and ultra contemporary music.
also exciting projects like Tchaikovsky Concerto in Teatro alla Scala on the 15th of September (following my Tchaikovsky violin concerto debut in Zurich Tonhalle in past season), Concerts in USA, debut Mexico, Europe.
in spring 2014 I will have my first UK appearance-performance in the Cadogan Hall in London.
and a wonderful piece- Carnival of Animals in Moscow, with great artists and Gerard Depardieu reading the text.
also I am going to present a new Crossover Project in 2014. the news and updates TBA.
MOVIE debut.
this summer I filmed a Short Movie on my own script and I also took part as an actor there.
The film director were me, Wen Liu, Yuko Ichikawa and wonderful actors like Lilian Naumann and Julia Lowack, and pianist Valentina Babor.
the movie is on the editing in the Beijing right now, looking forward to see the result!
not forgetting about my coming exciting master studies in Konservatorium Wien with Maestro Pavel Vernikov.
thank you for all your support and thank you OnePoint.FM
warm regards

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Dear Friends,
I would like to share with you the dates of my Germany tour for this September and October.
Schedule for concerts in other countries is available on my web page www.yuryrevich.com NEWS&EVENTS 
02. September Herdecke with Magda Amara
07. September Essen-Borbeck with Magda Amara
08. September Berlin with Berliner Camerata closing concert of Berliner Klassiksommer Festival
09. September Stadtlohn with Magda Amara
13. September Finnentrop (Schloß Bamenohl) with Magda Amara
16. September Herten with Magda Amara
21. September Schwelm with Magda Amara
23. September Raesfeld with Magda Amara
29. September Siegen (broadcasting on WDR) with Valentina Babor
01. Oktober Dresden, with Europäische Kammerphilarmonie Dresden
07. Oktober Senden with Magda Amara
14th of October Recital with Sergey Sobolev at Munich Gasteig, Germany (broadcasting on Bayerischen Rundfunk) at 8 pm
 24. Oktober Witten with Magda Amara
26. Oktober Mönchengladbach with Magda Amara
28th of October Recital in Engelskirche, Cologne, Germany with Magda Amara

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Yury Revich 27.08.2012

my solo debut CD on german ARS Label comes out in less then a month, looking forward a lot to it!
meanwhile im sharing with you the list of pieces which are recorded
the pianist is amazing Valentina Babor, it was a great pleasure to work with her! during all the days of recording session it was fun and great experience.
The CD will be distributed in Europe and of course will be available online.
1 Ivan Handoshkin 1747-1804
Variations on a Russian folk tune opus unknown                    
2 Sergey Rachmaninov 1873-1943
Serenade op.3                                                                                                                        
3 Piotr Tchaikovsky 1840-1893
Russian dance op.40 no. 10                                                                                                             
4-7 Sergey Prokofiev 1891- 1953

Sonata no.2 for violin and piano op.94                                                                                     
8 Dmitri Shostakovich 1906-1975
4 Piano Preludes Op. 34/10, 15, 16 & 24
arr. for Violin & Piano by Tziganov                                                                          
9 Sergey Rachmaninov 1873-1943
op.34 no.14 -     Vocalise                                                                                       
arranged by Jascha Heifetz
10 Alexander Scriabin 1871-1915
Etude, Op. 8 No. 10 arr.by Szigeti                                                                           
11 Reinhold Gliere 1875-1874
Romance op.3                                                                                                           
12 Sergey Rachmaninov 1873-1943
Dance hongroise, Op.6 No.2                                                                                 
13 Mili Balakirew 1837-1910
Expromt opus unknown                                                                                            
14 Alexandr Glasunov 1865-1936)
Meditation op.32                                                                                                     
15 Piotr Tchaikovsky 1840-1893
Valse Scherzo op.2 
6 Piotr Tchaikovsky 1840-1893
Valse sentimental op.51 no.6                                                                              
17 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 1844-1908
" flight of bumble bee" from opera " Tail about Tsar Saltan"                     

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BIOGRAPHYThe 20-year-old Yury Revich is one of the most expressive Russian violinistin his generation, who notwithstanding his young age, can already retrospect an international career and auspicious collaborations with well-known artists of the branche.With his debutss in Carnegie Hall and Musikverein Wien, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow and Theatre Bouffes du Nord in Paris, Yury internationally provoked furore
The Debut CD of Yury with russian music recorded on ARS Label comes out in September.
The next CD with Orchestra will be released on Sony Classical in 2013.
Debuts with orchestras for next season include Zurich Tonhalle, Musikverein Wien, Auditorium Naciona Madrid, Recitals at Radio France Montpellier Festival, Munich Gasteig,Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad Festival, Gstaad, Chicago Dame Myra Hess Series, Gallus Hall of Cankarijev Dom in Ljubljana,being back with recital in Kolarac Concert hall in Belrade etc.performances with tour with Nord-West Deutsche Filarmonie, Svetlanov State Symphony in Moscow, Excelentia Orchestra at Auditorium Nacional in Madrid, Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, I Pomeriggi Musicale Orchestra in Milano, Novosibirsk Philarmony, Bucharest Philarmony etc, Germany Tour, recitals in Europe, USA, Asia, South Africa tour.Yury performes around the world, in USA, Middle East, Europe, North America, North Africa, Asia.He has also performed in many international Festivals, such asVerbier Festival and Academy, Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad Festival, Gstaad,Vladimir Spivakov's Festival in Colmar (France), Rostropovich Festival in Baku (Azerbaijan), Rome Chamber Music Festival, Liana Isakadze's Festival in Batumy (Georgia),the Festival of music in Kaunas, Eilat Festival in Israel, Beethoven Festival in Vienna and many others.Yury has also performed with the Russian National Orchestra conducted by M. Pletnev,with Moscow Philarmonic Orchestraconducted by Yuri Simonov, with "Moscow Soloists"conducted by Yu. Bashmet, with Svetlanov State Symphony Orchestra conducted by A.Slutcky, with Georgian-German Chamber Orchestra conducted by L. Isakadze,Morocco Royal Symphony Orchestra conducted by Reshetkin,with the Chamber Orchestra "The Kremlin" conducted by Rachlevski, with Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra,with the Finnish Symphony studentOrchestra "Ristavesi" conducted by T. Pogani, whith which he performed Paganiny's Concerto Nr. 2 atthe age of 11 and many others.Yury is the prize winner of the International Competition "Virtuoses of the XXI Century" in Moscow, David Oistrach International violin competition in Moscow and others. He is also laureate of Chamber Music competitions-"Beethoven`s days in Moscow" and "New Names" competition.He has won the prize from Chamber Music Festival "Homecoming"He appears in the ensemble with Liana Isakadze, Daniil Trifonov, Lily Maisky, Boris Brovtsyn, Denis Kozhuckhin, Evgeny Tonkha, Nina Kogan, Richard Dubugnon, Alissa Margulis, Eniko Magyar, Jakob Koranyi etc.In 2005 and 2010 he won M. Rostropovitch's grant.And recently is scholarship holder of Rostropovich Foundation.He has also won the National Prize "Christmas Star".

He is receipent of "Bernstengeige" Young Musician Award of Beethoven Center Vienna and Ambassadeur of Beethoven Center.In 2008 the French master Alan Karbonar has made a violin specially for Yury and has presented it to himYury also under the invitation of the Stradivari Society has performed on violins by Guarneri del Gesu "Ex-Max Rostal" and Stradivari "Duke Alba".In 2010 debuted as a violist in Theatre Bouffes du Nord in Paris.He is participant of ORF Radio Austrua program for musicians.Yury is the Receipent of Medal "For the generous deeds for the glory of the Motherland"He plays on Balestrieri 1783 given to Yury by Family Goh Stiftung Singapoe and Amadeus School Vienna, Yury is also the Ambassador of Amadeus School Vienna.When he was 7 years old he entered the Central Music School supervised by Moscow State Conservatoire,the class of the Honored Member of Arts of Russian Federation G.S. Turchaninova.Since 2005 till 2009 Yury had been a pupil of the People's Artist of Russia, professor V.A. Pickaizen.In 2009 he entered in Konservatorium Wien in class of Prof.Pavel Vernikov.Yury also took part in master-classes of M. Rostropovitch, M. Vengerov, L.Isakadze, J. Rachlin, Dm. Sitkovetsky, P.Vernikov, Z.Bron, P.Frank, H.Schunk, R.Nodel, M.Gaisler.Yury dedicates also his time for charity events, so in 2011 he organised with European-Russian Society for International Cooperation (where he is Artistic Director) Concert in Vienna for victims of tsunami in Japan, also takes part in Organisation "Kleine Herzen" which helps russian and ukranian children

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