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MARCH 16th 2018
Release of HOME on all digital platforms as well as the musicvideo on YouTube/ Home is the first Single of my Debut EP RISE to be released in September 2018 on all digital platforms as well as on CD and Vinyl!!

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Singer. Songwriterin. DJn.

Born in Nuremberg, Germany. Lives in Vienna, Austria since 2008.
Before becoming a Singer Songwriter ANNE ECK composed film music for various short movies and wrote text and instrumental passages for musical projects including for Pischinger & Dermota. One highlight of their debut album Reisedrang is certainly Can't breathe, for which ANNE ECK is lyricist and interpreter. Since 2016, she has lived out her passion for electronic music as DJ for the well-known collective Brunnhilde.

Her songs, self-composed and written in English, are rooted in the pop / alternative genre and feature deep and personal lyrics. Pure. Authentic. Reduced. Strong. HOME is the first single of her debut EP RISE, to be released in autumn 2018. It describes the search for one's self and one's own path, for the moment, for the place that feels like HOME - the place that is deep inside of us after all. Home is where you are; you need not search. Home is you yourself. Home, it's in you.



Title Composer Role
Home Anne Eck
Can't breathe Pischinger & Dermota