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Gilles Estoppey is a jazz pianist, keyboardist and composer born in 1982 in Cully, Switzerland. After obtaining his Bachelor's and Master's Degree between the Amsterdam Conservatory and New York City, he moved to Barcelona in the Winter of 2011.
Gilles performed in many countries including Germany, Holland, Spain, Canary Islands, Andorra, France, Switzerland, Italy, Turquey, Tailand and the United States.

He published four albums as a leader. Among his current projects are: MAMA POOL (own pop-rock project), ARMONIPIANO (duo with harmonicist Rodrigo G Pahlen), WALK TALL (jazz quartet) and JOSE ALBERTO MEDINA & GILLES ESTOPPEY (two pianos duo).
He also collaborates with many artitsts, including OSCAR NEIRA (jazz), HALLDOR MAR (pop) and LEILA (funk-soul).

Since 2014 Gilles performs regularly in the Canary Islands, mainly with pianist JOSE ALBERTO MEDINA - with whom he recently recorded a two pianos album at the Las Palmas Auditorium - and with singer AMEGASHIE.
In 2012 he played with New Zealand singer TAMAR McLEOD SINCLAIR at the 44 Voll-Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival.

In 2011 he performed with best-selling Swiss rapper STRESS.
In 2010 he did an exchange semester at the Manhattan School Of Music where he had classes with pianist PHIL MARKOWITZ and saxophonist DAVE LIEBMAN among others.
He was a member of the AMSTERDAM QUARTET with who he toured in France in 2010 and 2012.

In 2007 he performed with French violinist DIDIER LOCKWOOD and in 2009 he opened for saxophonist JOSHUA REDMAN at the Cully Jazz Festival (Switzerland) with his project AMTER, jamming with Joshua after their show.

In 2008, he had his first contact with New York City during an exchange semester at Purchase College. There he had lessons from pianists DAVID HAZELTINE and JASON MORAN, saxophonist JIMMY GREENE, and trumpeter JON FADDIS. He also played several times with Russ Flynn's A MORE PERFECT UNION in Brooklyn.
Also in 2008 Gilles recorded his first album in the studios of the Swiss radio with his Amsterdam-based project AMTER (Dinemec Records, 2008). A year later, he released his second album, this time a live recording with his Swiss trio: "GILLES ESTOPPEY TRIO live in vevey" (Dinemec Records, 2009).

Gilles Estoppey has performed in the Netherlands with various artists, such as American singer DEBORAH CARTER and the MILLENIUM JAZZ ORCHESTRA, Germano- Turkish singer ESRA DALFIDAN (winner of the Dutch Jazz Vocalist Competition 2007), Dutch french- hornist MORRIS KLIPHUIS, whom he accompanied for the Prinses Cristina Concours (Morris won the competition) and at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2007.
That same year he was on tour in Turkey with the OGAN SADAN GROUP.
Before coming to the Netherlands, Gilles Estoppey lived in Cologne (Germany) for a few months, where he studied with pianist THOMAS RUCKERT.

During the Summer 2004, he attended the Siena Jazz Masterclass (Italy), where he took lessons from pianists FRANCO D'ANDREA, STEFANO BATTAGLIA and PAOLO BIRRO. In Switzerland, he studied for three years at the Montreux Jazz School with Swiss pianist THIERRY LANG, and studied classical piano from a young age with Argentinian maestro ERARDO VIETTI.

Selected discography:

José Alberto Medina & Gilles Estoppey “Conversations” (Fabrica Records, 2017)

Walk Tall “Roots On Top” (A.MA Records, 2016)

Mama Pool "Here" (Temps Record, 2016)

Walk Tall “Alright Again” (Unit Records, 2013)

Gilles Estoppey Trio “Live in Vevey” (Dinemec Records, 2009)

Gilles Estoppey “Amter” (Dinemec Records, 2008)

Website: www.gillesestoppey.com