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Guido Arbonelli May 20, 2013

Guido Arbonelli (born in Perugia, Italy) completed his studies, receiving the highest of honours at the Conservatory in Perugia. He has been a performer and soloist in Italian and foreign orchestras: Guido D’Arezzo, orchestra RAI of Torin and Naples (Italy), Orchestra Sinfonica di Perugia e dell’Umbria, Nis Simphony orchestra (Serbia), Stettino orchestra (Poland), Arturo Toscanini orchestra and Queen’s College orchestra (Usa), Simphonic Orch. in Constanta(Romania) and collaborated with Teatro lirico Sperimentale in Spoleto and CRDM.
Arbonelli is currently on the faculty at the Conservatory in Adria; has arranged compositions and authored numerous teaching methods for clarinet. Arbonelli has had 350 contemporary clarinet works dedicated to him. He is also author of Teaching Methods, Arrangements and Compositions for Clarinet. Arbonelli has collaborated with many Italian festivals and taken part in concerts in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Rosario, Santafè), Turkey (Halic Univertisty), Finland (Helsinky Sibelius Academy- Brinkhall Summer Concert), Libia (Leptis-Magna), Russia (Moscow Conservatory, San Pietroburgo Sound Way Festival), Greece (Argostoli), Slovacchia ( art Academy), Hungary (Filharmonia and Academy Liszt), Cipro ( Nicosia College),Slovenia(Academy of Ljubliana), Germany (Freiburg, Heilbronn, Stuttgart, Ingolstadt), England, The Netherlands (Middelburg festival),(University VIII in Paris,Musiques en Euroregion, Nuova musica Strasburgo,nuova musica in Marsiglia) France, Switzerland, Spain (Escena contemporanea and C.D.M.C. Madrid, Salamanca, Avila, Conservatorio Superiore Malaga),(University of Aveiro, Braganca politecnico) Portugal, Sweden (Stockholm New Music Festival, Fylkingen and Boras), Serbia (Review of Composers and NIS Symphony orchestra) , Malta (Fest-Malta), Belgium (Société Royale d’Harmonie d’Anvers, Sint-Truiden, Orpheus and Antwerpen) , Brasil (Bienal international-Musica Nova), Albania (ISCM), Austria (Spectrum-Villach,Aspekte-Salzburg, Shoenberg center- Vienna),Romania “Filarmonica Mihail Jora” in Bacau, Simphonic Orch. in Constanta, USA (New music-Miami), Chicago (Art Institute), Hartford University, Baltimore (Goucher College), New York (Symphony space – Wagner College)- (Westchester College), Boston (Cyber-art), Washington (Allegamy College), Chile (University of Valparaiso), Colorado (Colorado College), China (contemporary festival Pechino), Canada (New work Calgary), Japan ( Tokyo and Kagoshima) and the Italian Institute in Turkey, Albania, Belgrade, Stockholm, Budapest, Pechino, Madrid.
He has recorded for Hyperprism, RaiTrade, Sinfonica, Music Fund (Bratislava), Alia Music, AFM, Ipsar, Phoenix, Domani Musica, Aliamusica, Auralit/Mnemes,Rara, Cemat, Crescendo, Extraplatte (Austria) , Rustyrecords, Pentaphon, MPA, Agenda, Pizzicato, Eridania,Egea, MPS and UK M2 ( England),Capstone and New World Records -USA and for Taukay, Australian, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Slav, Brazilian, Swedish, Maltesian, Austrian, Slovena, Israelian, California, Belgian, Rumenian, Chile, American and Canadian radios. Editions of his music include: Brotons & Mercadal (Spain), Sinfonica, Eridania, Map, Santabarbara, Pagani, Pizzicato, Agenda, Lantro (Belgium), Tactus, Mnemes, Comar.
His composition “ELABORAZIONI “ for solo sax has been choosen on 2010 by FFEM France as “imposed work” in all France music schools. Awards From 1984 to 1994, Arbonelli garnered first prize in 12 national and international competitions. In 1995, He won the “INTERNATIONAL GAUDEAMUS PRIZE” (Rotterdam). Arbonelli also won Italian composition prizes for his works; “Images from Auschwitz” and “Tarata-ta”.

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