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For the last few years Carina (Hope) Stockinger has been working towards her idea of the ultimate sound & musical constellation ...

Its been a long hard road but her efforts are now coming to fruition & making themselves present for all to see & hear.

The current project Hope Will Lead daringly displays a sweetness of soul with the sting of a scorpion. Musically, it could be accurately described as Dark Pop with a moody-bluesy symphonic touch provided by the impeccable string section. The music holds a familiar flame in the palm of its hand while breaking through the borders that continue to persist in modern "Pop" music.

"Hope will lead" the discerning listener towards the pearls that lie within.
Previously Carina was the voice of various musical formats which helped her develop her remarkable style & songwriting qualities.

“The Vienna-based ensemble, fronted by singer Carina Stockinger, makes bold and emotive alternative melancholy pop. Sometimes appearing in the shape of rousing orchestral ballads, at other moments electronic atmospheres reminiscent of London Grammar.” – Metropole Magazine Vienna