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Iosif Purits Sep 17, 2014

“Classical accordion is a young and wonderful instrument with a wide range of possibilities, many of them are still waiting to be devloped or discovered,” says Russian accordionst Iosif Purits. Despite his young age he has become one of the best known accordion musicians of his generation. He has travelled around the world performing at the most prestigious concert vennues. His extensive repertoire ranges from Russian to Japanese works and from classical to contemporary music. “The transcription of the great music of classical composers and the perception of original repertoire written by the best contemporary composers makes an unique mixture,” he says. “When you plunge into that combination with accordion you open the great world of musical culiture through the lens of the 21st century.” As well as solo-performance he is an enthusiastic collaborator with different multi-instrumental ensembles, chamber and symphonic orchestras.

Iosif Purits was born into a family of well-known accordion musicians in Moscow. When Iosif was six years old, his father started to teach him to play the accordion. However it didn’t last very long, as sadly his father died after a sudden illness. 8 year-old Iosif continued his primary music education with his mother – Natalia Purits. At the same age she took him to the International competition «Classica Nova» in Germany where he became a prize-winner. This experience started him on an intensive music life with annual successes at international competitions, concerts and festivals. Iosif was the first Russian child to win the under 12 category at the Klingenthal international competition in Germany. He played many times at the international bayan festival in Moscow, and was awarded scholarships from several international foundations.
Iosif is a prize-winner of more than 30 International competitions, including such events as Competition of Accordionists in Сastelfidardo (Italy 2009, 1st prize), Arrasate Hiria (Spain 2011, 1st prize), Trophee Mondial (Italy 2011 2nd, prize, USA 2012, 1st prize), Accoholiday (Kiev 2012, Gran-Prix), Competition of Accordionists in Klingenthal (Germany, 2013, 1st prize). Iosif also won the ABRSM International Postgraduate Award for his post-graduate studies at the Royal Academy of Music.
Iosif has performed in many countries of the world, such as the USA, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, China, France, Canada, Denmark, Serbia, Lithuania. He performed at Carnegie Hall (New-York), Wigmore Hall (London), The Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (Moscow), George Weston Recital Hall (Toronto), Nybrokajen Concert Hall (Stockholm), National House of Vinohrady (Prague), Concert Hall of Central Conservatory of Music (Beijng), Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen) and UNESCO (Paris) among others.
After four years studying with professor Andrey Ledenev at the Schnittke College of Music, Iosif became a student of professor Friedrich Lips at the Russian Gnesins Academy of Music where he graduated with distinction in 2013. In 2014 he transferred to London to study under professor Owen Murray at the Royal Academy of Music. “A huge contribution to the development of the accordion repertoire and performing arts made by our teachers gives us a new step in development of accordion as well as a large responsibility for the future of our instrument,”says Iosif. “I firmly believe that the golden era of accordion is still to come.”

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