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In his recommendation for the annual prize for the best piano student on the Music University in Belgrade, Katarina’s professor Nenad Radic wrote:

“For Katarina, playing piano is creative act of deeply confessional honesty, that springs from an inner need - she never pretends, flirts or camouflages, never plays to just impress the listener or impose herself, but always in the glory of art, with the deepest respect of the composer’s ideas. From every tone of infinite range of micro dynamic and agogic, springs delicacy, complexity and subtlety of character and sound. Her ability of thorough analyzing and serious deliberation of every detail while working on new pieces still fascinates me. This kind of approach to studies made her one of the most successful students on Faculty of Music."

Katarina recently graduated from the University of Music and performing Arts in Vienna with the distinction. In the last few years she has given notable performances as a part of “Blüthner Rising Stars” concert series in Vienna, mdw Festival of the University of Music and performing Arts Vienna, Belgrade Summer Festival (BELEF), as well as solo recitals in some of the most significant concert halls in Serbia (Kolarac hall, Gallery of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Art Center Guarnerius, Belgrade Cultural Center, etc.)

She started playing piano at the age of 5, in the class of Prof. Olivera Prijic. As a young student she was winning numerous prizes at the national and international piano competitions. At the age of 15 she enrolled the University of Arts, Faculty of Music in Belgrade, in the class of Prof. Nenad Radic. During her studies Katarina focuses primarily on the concert activity. Still, in 2010 she takes a part at the EPTA Piano Competition in Belgrade, winning the first prize. For the end of her studies in Belgrade, she received the “Olga Mihajlovic” prize for the most talented student of piano department.

Her second studies in Vienna Katarina finished in the class of Prof. Christopher Hinterhuber. The important artistic impulses during these studies she also received from Aleksej Gorlatch and Christoph Traxler. Since 2017 she is a member of the Yehudi Menuhin's concert agancy for young performers "Live Music Now".

During her studies, Katarina was broadening her knowledge attending master classes and academies, working with professors Emanuel Krassowsky, Peter Frankl, Aleksandar Madžar, Gottlieb Wallisch, Jan Jiracek von Armin, Markus Schirmer.

She was the scholarship holder of International Summer Academy Prag-Wien-Budapest, Dr.Marta Sobotka-Charlotte Janeczek foundation Vienna and "Dositeja" foundation of Serbian ministry of education.

As an important aspect of her musical development Katarina finds also her 5 years long employment as a piano accompanist in the High school for music “Josip Slavenski“ in Belgrade, that she started still as a teenager, at the age of 19.