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Yesterday I bumped into some words drawn on the street saying #WHAT SAVES YOUR DAY ?

I am this kind of person that regularly ask herself the questions of purpose and why I AM here ? What has god planned for me to do on this beautiful planet earth ? And it DOES drive me crazy at times ... haha!

But whenever I just DO and CREATE with the limited tools I was given - things get clear and I realize what saves my day!

In an early stage I realized that there was something different coming out of my mouth ... some other sound so different from my speaking voice.
I loved creating and expressing these melodic sounds that then created a certain harmony within myself.
In other words I was singing not yet knowing that maybe I could use this tool to "SAVE MY DAY" ...

I was never interested in the theoretical part of music ... alway too lazy for my piano practices ... something inside of me just understood the rhythm, the note, the melody, the movement ...

So I loved it. Just experimenting with chords on my piano and then coming up with some words.. HERE YOU GO - this is your song !
perfect, easy, finally something that fitted perfectly to my impatient nature... JUST DOING AND CREATING ..

MUSIC has so much power as it does SAVES MY DAY .. changes my mood immediately.. it gives so much and many things can be received such as introducing you to the little things you might have not touched on before ..

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Annika Lange is a pop, soul & jazz singer based in Vienna.

Currently pursuing a professional singing education at the Music and Arts University of the city of Vienna (MUK).

Get carried away on a musical journey.

The repertoire varies from her own soft & melancholic songs to entertaining & soulful covers by Etta James, Alicia Keys, Emily King or Amy Winehouse...