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15 der romantischsten Klavierstücke über die Liebe werden von der in Wien lebenden japanischen Pianistin Megumi Otsuka einmalig gefühlvoll interpretiert.
Rêve d'amour, zu Deutsch,, Liebestraum", ist traumhaft schön und herrlich einschmeichelnd. Diese ruhige Musik ist wie eine Wachskerze, deren Flamme nicht flackert und still und geruhsam und hell wie eine schneeweiße Blütenknospe emporsteht. Rachmaninov, Debussy, Kreisler, Strauss und Ravel kommen aus dem Herzen der Pianistin ganz schwermütig und lieblich salonhaft.

Robert Voglhuber

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We all know love can bring us joy and happiness beyond our wildest imagination, but just as often sweet sorrow and sadness, and sometimes both at the same time. But whatever the experience or the outcome, it seems most important to me that love always manages to remain one thing in our lives (and this is reflected in the CD´s name):

A ´´Rêve d´amour´´, a dream that can be felt as a constant positive power within us, that lets us believe that good and wonderful things can happen, and that strengthens people and draws them closer to each other.

With all this in mind, I would like to dedicate these 15 pieces about love that are incredibly special to me to all of you.
I wish you much joy with ´´Rêve d´amour´´.

with love


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To all music lovers,

back in the day, the japanese new year started on Risshun 立春 ( The first day of spring ). I felt a touch of spring in the air this morning.

I am just so happy, when my new album will soon be coming with the scent of spring and that will probably reach you.

Above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

My dear all, God bless you all and everything!


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I just started to work on future album releases as I recently ran into a little recording studio in Vienna that operates on a very inspirational Bösendorfer 275 concert grand piano. An unexpected surprise.

I'm very excited to arrange the works of my favorite composers. They brought me to music, they touched my soul since my early childhood. So my goal is to communicate the feelings that they created in me to others and to share my emotions.

After all these years as a professional musician, I'm still grateful to have so much music in my life and to be able to finally realize that project that I always had in mind.

Merry Christmas and a very good start into 2016


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I'm currenctly recording Chopin, Schubert, Scriabin. Vivaldi, Bach, Gounod, Brahms, Puccini, Massenet, Evans, Adams, Rachmaninoff and my own compositions at the onepoint.fm recording studio in Vienna. (Bösendorfer 275)

The recordings will include my own transcriptions of famous opera arias and art songs and I plan to release them on several CDs throughout 2016.

I also founded my own record label "Megumi Records" with the help of onepoint.fm, so all the recordings will be released under my own name.

More to follow.


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Currently I'm planning my next projects

One is about meditative and healing music. It will include a cooperation with flower artists from japan.

The other one is a project regarding soundtracks for the movie industry

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