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Mirko Jevtovic Aug 11, 2014

Mirko Jevtović was born on 21st of June in 1989 in Kragujevac in Serbia and there he attended primary and secondary music school under the mentorship of doc. Miljan Bjeletić and doc. Vojin Vasović. He was chosen as a student of the year. He received more than 50 awards on national and international competitions among which the most important ones are:
- first prize on an international competition "Trophee Mondiale" in Samara (Russia),
- second prize on an international competition "Coupe Mondiale (IMC-UNESCO)" in Asker (Norway),
- first prize on an international meeting of young accordionists in Pula (Croatia) and a trophy of Oula as the best soloist of all categories. In Pula he received a first prize for ensemble and a special prize of the Croatian composer society (HDS) for the best performed work of a Croatian composer in the whole competition.
- second prize on an international competition "Val Tidone" in Italy.
- fourth place on an international competition "Coupe Mondiale (IMC-UNESCO) " in Victoria B.C. in Canada in a chamber music group with no age limit.
Since 2009 he has been studying at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana in prof. Borut Zagoranski's class where he has been achieving great success. in academic year 2009/10 he performed as a soloist on a subscription concert of the Academy of Music. He was chosen as a soloist on the recitals of Glasbena mladina Ljubljanska and in a chamber music group in cycles Dobimo se na Magistratu and Glasba na vodi. He has been regularly working with Nikolina Furić in a accordian duet Furioso; together they had performed in a cycle Mladi virtuozi, currently they are performing more contemporary works of young foreign and Slovenian composers.
In academic year 2011/12 he performed as a solist with a chamber string orchestra of the Academy of Music at the premiere concert song Visions for accordion and string instrument of a young Slovenian composer Matjaž Predanič. In the same year he performed as the representative of Music Academy in Ljubljana in the finale of the competition »Amici della musica« in Videm and was invited to perform on the festival in October 2012.
He received Prešeren prize of Music Academy in Ljubljana for outstanding acihevements in academic year 2011/12.
In academic year 2012/13 he performed in an accodian duo in cycles of Glasbena mladina Ljubljanska, Glasbena nedelja v Unionu, Allegro giovanissimo, Koncertni abonma AG Ljubljana... The duo was presented on an international level as well, they preformed on Music Academy in Bratislava (Slovakia), Conservatory in Wienna and Klagenfurt (Austria). As a chosen section from Music Academy Ljubljana and Progetto Musica the duo performed a recital on two famous festivals in Italy, namely on Nei Suoni dei Luoghi in 2013 and on Carniarmonie in 2013.
In the following academic year he wishes to encourage young Slovenian composers to compose for two accordions and enrich the literature for the mentioned chamber music group.
He performed with the RTV Slovenia symphonic orchestra, Chamber string orchestra Music Academy of Ljubljana, Mls, Camerata medica, World Accordion Orchestra VII,...
Mirko regulary attends international seminars that are held by well-known prefessors of accordion such as F. Lips, B. Lenko, E. Moser, J. Mornet, V. Semjonov, M. Väyrynen, C. Rojac, I. Alberdi, Y. Shishkin.

Young accordionist inspires with his dedication, virtuosity and positive energy that attract the attention of the audience.
In academic year 2013/14 he received Prešeren prize of the University of Ljubljana as a member of the Duo Furioso.

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