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Serendipity Duo 11 months ago44w

Dear Ed Sheeran Fans, we are Serendipity II and finally we are able to show you our second video! We tried to stay close to the original but we also wanted to put our own spin on it. Enjoy our arrangement of "I See Fire". LIKE us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/serendipityduomusic/?notif_id=1533223766674207&;notif_t=page_fan

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Serendipity Duo a year ago1y

Dear Game of Thrones fans, we are Serendipity II and here is our first video of hopefully many more: a chance to geek out for the new Game of Thrones season 7! We are as excited as you are for the new season. Hope you are all prepared because winter isn’t still coming, it’s here. Enjoy our arrangement of Rains of Castamere and the Game of Thrones Theme.

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