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Reine Hirano 7 months ago28w

Sonntags-Matinee Sonntag, den 14. Oktober, 2018 Österreichisches Gartenbaumuseum Siebeckstrasse 14 1220 Wien Richard Fuller Fortepiano Trio Sonate g-moll für Klavier und Violoncello Op. 5 Nr 2 L. Van Beethoven (1770 - 1827) Adagio sostenuto ed espressivo Allegro molto piu tosto presto Rondo: Allegro

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Reine Hirano a year ago1y

First performance from 22.3.2016 at the "Altes Rathaus", Vienna Reine Hirano, violoncello Peter Barcaba, piano Recorded by Herbert Baumgartner The whole recording and the score are available at barcabamusic.com!

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Reine Hirano 3 years ago3y


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